As mechanical welding specialists, the Régifab team fabricates and repairs heavy-equipment parts weighing up to 60 t in dimensions of up to 24 ft. x 21 ft. and up to 600 ft. long, for customers in the metallurgy sector.

Specific expertise:

Working with engineering firms and customers’ engineering departments to develop improvement processes aimed at increasing the reliability, durability and performance of their equipment.

Customers across North America are using Régifab products:
  • Engineering firms
  • Construction companies
  • Metallurgical processing plants
Services offered

Heavy equipment repair


Fabrication of new equipment


Products offered

Equipment with abrasion-resistant coating

Dust extraction ducts

Ore loading chutes


Heat exchangers

Cooled panels

Blower discharges

Pouring ladles

Ore cars

All our products can be delivered by rail, road or maritime transport.

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