Manufacturing parts in nickel alloy plate

Manufacturing nickel alloy plate products requires a particular expertise.  Régifab offers this expertise to its clients who require parts with unparalleled resistance and for use with specific properties.  Can be used in different situations with strong gases or corrosive environments, for example, with the presence of salt water or exposed to severe weather conditions.

Challenges to overcome:
  • When the parts are heated to very high temperatures
  • Usage in extreme or harsh climatic conditions
  • For plating and specific alloy needs
Régifab’s Solutions:
  • Manufacture products resistant to corrosion, torsion and heat up to 2200o F
  • Products made with nickel alloy plate are harder and tougher than from iron
  • Offered in plate, pipes and sheets, depending on the particular need
  • Used in coins, to plate iron, copper and brass, in certain chemical combinations and in a large number of alloys
  • Equipment with nickel alloy plate from brands such as Hastelloy and Inconel, renowned for their superior quality
Advantages and Benefits
  • A specific expertise and competence within a highly-specialized field
  • Manufacture and repair of made-to-measure parts
  • Exceptional resistance to difficult or extreme weather conditions
  • A superior level of durability
  • Better performing alloys

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