Manufacturing parts for the heavy equipment industry

As welding specialists, Régifab’s team offers its clients in the heavy equipment industry, manufacturing and repairing of heavy equipment up to 60 tons, a width and height of 24’ and up to 600’ long.

Challenges to overcome:
  • Challenging and occasionally extreme weather conditions
  • Need special alloys that necessitate a widely-recognized technical expertise
  • Using parts in an environment where there is premature wear due to abrasion
  • Parts replacement costs and production shutdowns very costly
  • Use in remote areas with limited access and longer delays for replacement parts
Régifab’s Solutions:
  • Heavy equipment repairs
  • Reconditioning equipment
  • Manufacture of made-to-measure parts weighing more than 60 tons
  • Engineering services for all projects
  • Manufacture of anti-abrasive products
  • Use of all materials other than carbon steel: aluminum, stainless steel, nickel alloy plate, copper and titanium
  • Examples of products offered: pressurised containers, heat exchangers, electric arc and combustion furnaces, as well as many other pieces of equipment
Advantages and Benefits:
  • Made-to-measure products delivering the highest performance possible
  • Extensive knowledge of the mine and steel mill environments
  • Manufacture parts with greater durability
  • Integrated engineering services that save time and minimize the risk of error
  • Delivery anywhere in North America by rail, road or sea
  • Capability of offering made-to-measure products for heavy industries, including hydro‑electricity, pulp and paper and petrochemicals

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