Manufacturing Anti-abrasive Products

Régifab understands the impact of premature wear and tear on their clients’ production parts.  We have developed manufacturing and repairing techniques specifically designed to attain greater durability of these parts.

Challenges to overcome:

Abrasive wear

When two surfaces are in contact and movement against each other, aggregate particles (from either surface) impregnate into the softer surface, even if well lubricated.  This wear and tear results from galling, shock or erosion.  The main factors for this deterioration are the nature of the two materials in contact and the operating conditions.


Régifab’s Solutions:
  • Manufacture parts with an abrasion resistant product incorporated within. This acts as a protective barrier, poured onto the surfaces to protect from abrasion and scratches.  The treatment is used on parts that are subjected to continuous friction. Repair parts damaged by friction by adding a protective layer of chromium carbide anti‑abrasive.
  • Used when manufacturing discharge pipe, parts subject to deterioration, falls, bends and other pieces subject to galling, shock or erosion.


Advantages and benefits of Régifab’s manufacturing solutions:
  • Substantial decrease of maintenance costs
  • Significant improvement to the maximum durability of the product

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