and peace of mind

with our turnkey projects

At Aciers Régifab, we assist our customers with each of their projects. Because every situation is unique, we do what it takes to ensure that all our customers are completely satisfied with the final results. To do that, we offer customers our Régifab Turnkey Project service, which allows companies to focus on their daily challenges while the team at Aciers Régifab manages the project implementation process.

Our Turnkey Project service includes the following steps:

Based on your explicit needs or using your designs and plans, our qualified engineers will create the required part or equipment to your specifications. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by 10 per cent in terms of performance, design and durability.

Our team will find the best fabrication solutions to complete the work within the promised and guaranteed timeframe. Régifab uses optimal welding sequences to reduce part distortion.
For all components that require high-quality, reliable machining that is delivered on time, every time.
When needed, Régifab has the expertise and equipment required to apply a heat treatment, which is 100-per-cent tested to prevent steel stress and part distortion.
Extremely high quality, according to customer specifications.
Our rigorous quality control process ensures we deliver the conformity and performance that our customers expect, at every step and in every detail of the fabrication process.
Aciers Régifab’s delivery guarantee, the best in the industry, ensures unrivalled, on-time delivery. If the work is urgent, measures can be taken to advance the completion date, when possible.
With Aciers Régifab’s Turnkey Project service, our promise of performance and peace of mind is our foremost concern.

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With our turnkey projects